I am a full-time translator with a Master’s degree in specialized translation from the prestigious École de Traduction et d’Interprétation (formerly ETI, now FTI) at the University of Geneva. I am a member of the BDÜ (professional association of interpreters and translators in Germany) and the IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters).

In developing my translation skills, I have had the benefit of several extended stays in multiple countries, giving me the opportunity to not only hone my language mastery by living the language, but acquire the innate cultural knowledge that only living in a different language area can give.

This is the real-world knowledge that you need to convey your message in another language, and for another culture. If your target language is German, I have the specialized knowledge to convert your message for the German and Swiss markets.

Before going into business for myself, I got to know the language industry from the inside, as project planner, project manager, in-house translator, and even buyer of language services. You can count on me to understand all the financial fundamentals of your business needs, and to give you the advising and service you can expect from someone who’s been in your position. But perhaps the most important aspect of striking the right tone in your German-language message is creativity.

I guarantee a creative finished product at a competitive price, with top-quality service throughout the process and within the deadline you require.

Professional fields

My career path since 2008 has led me to specialize in the following fields:
a) Marketing
b) Fashion, textiles and interior design
c) Tourism/travel industry
d) Food industry/Gastronomy
e) Automotive industry
f) Teaching & training materials (including E-learning tools)

I am committed to a process of life-long learning to ensure that my clients benefit from my enhanced expertise.
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In addition to these primary areas of specialization, I am well-versed in a number of other fields. It is important to be aware that every project is unique, and the decision to take on a project can only be made after a review of the text and a consultation with the client.

If your text does not fall within my areas of expertise, I am happy to refer you to the right colleague within my network.