1. Excepting where otherwise agreed, Rea Translations shall invoice translations by the word and editing/proofreading assignments by the word or by the hour. Standard expenses such as telephone charges or costs of electronic data transfer are included in the basic rates. Any additional or further costs, such as postage or printing fees, will be subject to surcharge.
  2. Source documents provided as scanned PDFs or in printed form will be subject to a surcharge for conversion.
  3. Rea Translations shall not use automatic translation services (such as Google Translate). Likewise, Rea Translations will not accept source texts automatically translated with such services for post-processing assignments.
  4. Assignments with extremely short deadlines may be subject to rush surcharge.
  5. Prices quoted are estimates, and may be adjusted to reflect actual work performed (number of words/hours).
  6. Complaints will be accepted if submitted in writing within 30 days after delivery of the assignment. In cases of justified complaint, Rea Translations shall compensate actual losses. Under no circumstances shall such compensation exceed a maximum of the total cost of the services paid by the client to Rea Translations. Rea Translations rejects all liability for other or further claims, including for complaints received after the expiry of this 30-day period.
  7. Terms of payment: 30 calendar days net from date of invoice.
  8. All documents and work shall be treated as confidential. The client will be provided with a signed confidentiality statement upon request.
  9. Place of performance and legal jurisdiction is Basel, Switzerland.